Finished Dress

I’ve finished the maxi dress and I’m pleased with the results. It was easy to sew up and quick since it is just a pull on type with no fastenings or zips to add in so I can see it being one I’ll make in several different fabrics as the sewing was mostly all completed in an afternoon. I feel a bit like the right boob area is slightly  saggy but I don’t think it is too much of an issue. ne thing I’m not too sure about with writing this blog is photography! I hate all pictures of me so I feel that I’d rather just photograph on a tailor’s dummy but then it never quite looks the same either. I’ll need to find someone to be my glamorous assistant perhaps!!


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Summer Maxi Dress

I’m going to be using this fabric to make a maxi dress for summer. I love maxi dresses so I’m hoping this will become a holiday staple. I’m making the dress on the right and planning on making it in black at the top and the large floral print on the skirt.