Welcome to my blog about my sewing adventures! I have always enjoyed crafts of all sorts from card making and scrapbooking to cross stitch and baking and I had comp14606377_1226255514098163_3874544344010389572_nleted odd bits of sewing in the past like patchwork cushions etc., but it was when I had lost a lot of weight that my interest in adapting and creating clothes began to develop.

After losing 4 stone and literally having nothing to wear I began to want to experiment with altering my clothes to fit me as some of them had been new clothes I bought on the way down but quickly became too big for me also. This led to me try
ing to create new outfits from scratch too. The first dress I made fitted me fairly well and I loved the feeling of wearing something I knew I had made myself and would be unique and so I caught the sewing bug!

I am entirely self taught and still have lots to learn but I wanted to use this blog to document the progress I am making and hopefully help or interest others in the process.