Summer Playsuit

I completed the little summer playsuit for my daughter. It was a quick make apart from the straps which took forever to turn out. There were 4 straps which tie at the top and it was really slow progress to turn then inside out and probably took longer than the whole rest of the outfit. In fact, I have other material I was going to use to make another one but I don’t think I could face doing the straps the same way again so I will need to change the design of the straps or use ribbon.

I am pleased with the overall look however I didn’t think to pattern match the bottom and now I look at it and I think it would have been a lot better if I had pattern matched it.


Summer Holidays are Coming!

I love my holidays in the sun and as the weather is starting to get a bit brighter here just now it put me in the mood to make some more things for holiday. Today I’m going to make this little playsuit for my daughter. She picked the fabric and I think it will be nice and cool in hot weather.


Easy and Comfy!!

Well I took the plunge and made the wavy fabric into leggings. I love this pattern as it is so quick and easy to do and the trousers are so comfy. I’m still not sure if this fabric makes my legs look chunkier (I know they are anyway!!) but with a longer length top I think they’ll be fine.  I’ve got some Aztec print fabric I think I will use to make a summery vest or top of some sort to go with them.


Kids Onesie

I made this for my daughter a while ago and she came down from her shower wearing it tonight so I snapped a picture of it (excuse the messy kitchen in the background). I made her two of these in different patterns but both with sweatshirt fabric I got in the sale. They are lovely and cosy for winter snuggling.


Leggings or not??

I have this wavy stripe navy jersey fabric that I’m thinking about using to make these leggings. I made them before in a textured black fabric and I wear them quite a lot to work. They are not completely leggings because the fabric was quite thick. They are more a skinny trouser. Anyway, I’m slightly worried the stripes on my legs might make them look chunkier but I might just give it a try.